Midterm/Finals Playlist

I created this playlist around midterm season. It’s a collection of orchestral music that I like to listen to while I study. I thought that the title was fitting because it was how most of campus felt during the month of October (Seriously, midterms went on the entire month, and sometimes spilled over into November). One of my favorite tracks on here is an instrumental piece titled “I Give Up” which was coincidentally what I did with the paper that I was writing at the time.

What do you listen to when you are studying/focusing?

Dylan’s Candy Shop

So my friends and I had originally planned to go to Serendipity on Friday, but when we got there the wait was an hour long. So we walked down the street to Dylan’s Candy Shop. It was such a cute, whimsical place. DSC_2094DSC_2106DSC_2080Even though it was a candy shop, I ended up in the ice cream part of the store. DSC_2081The flavors that I ended up with were Berry Cream and Oreo Cheesecake. The Berry Cream was okay (a little too creamy for my tastes) but the Oreo Cheesecake was Amazing. I would highly recommend. DSC_2088

It was really great to venture outside campus a little this weekend since I’ve been cooped up because of midterms. They aren’t quite over yet, but it’s the home stretch.

Writing Playlist

I made this playlist a few days ago based on one of the books that I’m currently working on. It’s mostly orchestral music which I like to use when I write because I think of my stories as a movie in my head. The music I usually pick I use to describe the scene that I’m working on.

Let me know what you think of the playlist. I’m open to music suggestions as I’ve nearly overplayed all my songs.

Highlights {1}: Beaches, Ballet, and Bands

You may have noticed that my ‘Weekly Links’ feature hasn’t been so weekly as of late. I’m finding that it’s hard to blog constantly about artists and other things that I stumble across during the week because I’m buried in homework. But I was thinking back to all the fun things I’ve done during the week I realized that they didn’t really fit into the ‘link’ category. So I’m creating a separate category for things that I do/come across during the week.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have noticed that I ventured out to the Jersey Shore with a club that I’m a part of on campus. While I spent most of my time away from campus writing a paper (it had to be done) I did have time to venture out to the beach once.

IMG_2524.JPGIMG_2523.JPGIMG_2525.JPGLast weekend I had the opportunity to go see the NYC Ballet perform at the Lincoln center. I’ve always loved ballet and but I’d never seen a professional company perform before. I don’t even know how to sum up how amazing it was. SO to Trevor for inviting me! Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside while they were actually performing so I don’t have any photos of them.

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